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Wholesale Stainless Steel Calipers Manufacturers

The calipers include vernier caliper, digital caliper and dial caliper, made of stainless steel or carbon steel. 
A caliper is a precision measuring instrument that has good flexibility to measure various dimensions, such as  inside measurement, outside measurement, depth measurement and step measurement. Accuracy and precision is the first advantage of caliper.
The most common measuring range is from 0 to 150 mm or 6 inches. Also has 8 inches/200mm, 12 inches/300mm and other longer size.
  • Vernier caliper

    Vernier caliper

    1.Inch or metric graduations           
    2.carbon steel or stainless steel

  • Vernier caliper with lock

    Vernier caliper with lock

    1.Inch or metric graduations           
    2.carbon steel or stainless steel

  • High Accuracy Digital caliper

    High Accuracy Digital caliper

    1. Plastic display case                     
    2. Accuracy:±0.001''/ ±0.03mm             
    3. Conversion:Metric / Inch System interchange

  • Digital caliper

    Digital caliper

    1. Metal  display case                     
    2. Accuracy:±0.001''/ ±0.03mm             
    3. Conversion:Metric / Inch System interchange

  • Dial caliper

    Dial caliper

    1. Steel construction caliper 6" dial

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Hangzhou Jinnan Tools & Measure Co.,Ltd.
  • Customization

    We have a strong R & D team, can develop and produce products according to customer’s requests.

  • Quality

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  • Multiformity

    Have many kinds of measuring tools, that can meet customer’s request and want from different countries.

  • Capacity

    High capacity, so the delivery time is stable. Also, can accept and ensure the order ship date which temporarily increases quantity.